Maintenance and Reliability

Maintenance and Reliability

PAAC have expertise in preventive maintenance of aging and new assets which ensure sustainability and reliability. Our maintenance program include corrective maintenance, condition-based maintenance and reliability-centered maintenance. We have proactive approach of syncing with the critical equipments before equipment fails, efficiency drops, or safety and environmental concerns arise. 

Our maintenance program also include setting up preventive maintenance frequency in the system and provide training to ensure critical equipments are maintained as per the manufacturer’s recommendations and reliability based strategies.

Failure Analysis

We provide failure analysis and equipment maintenance solutions using GE Meridium tool and implement PM frequency with a proactive approach. 

Root Cause Analysis/ Investigation (RCA/ RCI)

We have expertise in investigating equipment failure. We use ARCA Methodology. The Apollo Root Cause Analysis methodology facilitates the creation of a common reality using input from all stakeholders to produce an evidence-based understanding of the problem. This ensures your solutions address proven causes to prevent recurrence. It makes problem-solving easy and gives those who have been trained, the skills to solve real-world problems more efficiently and effectively.

Apollo Root Cause Analysis is a principle-based problem solving method designed to help you master problem solving strategies. It can easily construct an evidence-based understanding of any problem. An evidence-based understanding of causes and effects leads to effective solutions that are accepted by organizations.

Follow The 4-Steps

You can rely on this four-step principle-based problem solving methodology to master strategies and develop techniques that enable you to construct a powerful understanding of any problem. Learning this problem solving method will give you the problem solving skills needed to capture more essential information and open up more opportunities to identify solutions that eliminate, change or control proven causes.


Define the Problem


Create the Cause & Effect Chart


Identify & Challenge Effective Solutions


Implement & Track the Best Solutions